KEJORA is an agency under the Ministry of Territory and Rural Development with its function as a Territory Development for Johor. The territory division includes a 16 percent area of Johor with 300,111 hectares. It is divided into two smaller territory which is Johor Tengah (149,009 hectare) and Pengerang (151,356 hectares). Located at two districts which is Kota Tinggi (75 percent), and Kluang (25 percent).

  1. Founded on 1st June 1972 under Parliament Act 75
  2. Johor Tenggara Development Authority Act
  3. Enactment No. 7/1972 Enactment Kejora
  4. Johor Tenggara Development Authority Enactment 1972


  1. Reduced the economic imbalance
  2. Creating job opportunities
  3. Boosting the economic growth


  1. Develop and encourage economic & social
  2. Help & attempt economic and social development
  3. Residents development
  4. Agriculture development
  5. Entrepreneur development
  6. Trade development
  7. Control & coordinate economic and social activity implementation
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