Hentian Penawar located at km. 43 Jalan Kota Tinggi – Desaru is one of the resting destinations for Kota Tinggi-Desaru and Kota Tinggi-Pengerang road users. 14 units of stall is still available for visitors with businesses such as fruits, foods, drinks and snacks. Hentian penawar also provide other accommodation such as playground, public toilets, mosques and wide parking lot.

Gerai Buah-buahan di Hentian Penawar
Gerai Makan di Hentian Penawar
Hentian Penawar Fruit Stall Hentian Penawar Food Stall

Hentian Penawar at night
Kompleks Hentian Penawar
Hentian Penawar Complex
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