i. With the mandate allocated by the Chairman, the Vice Chairman deserves the right to chair the committee meeting in the event whereby the Chairman and Acting Chairman are unable to do so.
ii. To call and chair the committee meeting for the urban level.
iii. To monitor and determine all plans or programmes in the urban level to commence smoothly as planned in the committee level.
iv. To monitor the flow of bureaus established under the committee.
v. Responsible to provide a vision on the committee’s progress.
vi. Acts as an advisor to the urban committee on a particular subject before it is being discussed and presented in Main Committee.
vii. To monitor committee’s finances channeled by KEJORA or contributions obtained from residents or certain bodies.
viii. To ensure that Activity Report, Activity Planning, and Finance Report is periodically submitted to KEJORA each quarterly year (once in every three months) or based on the required time.
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