i. To plan and control programmes related to education such as class activities, examinations, school sports activities, and learning as well as religious activities.
ii. To monitor the flow, progress and welfare of TABIKA, TASKA, and TASKI classes and also Arabic schools.
iii. To act as a channel or medium of interaction between the school committee and PIBG.
iv. To report on the progress or issues faced by students or the school.
v. To conduct activities related to students’ welfare such as submission of application to acquire assistance from residents or Government agencies to conduct a particular activity for benefit of students.


i.  To plan and implement economic activities in cities such as chicken, duck, cow breeding, producing entrepreneurs, organising seminars on entrepreneurship and others.
ii.  Voicing out views or issues of members to be considered or taken action by the committee.
iii. To assist the committee in implementing economic or entrepreneuship programmes planned by KEJORA or other agencies.
iv. To monitor the flow of entrepreneurs in cities for the city’s progress and user’s welfare.
v. To plan entrepreneur’s development covering the organisation and involvement of programmes as well as responsible towards entrepreneur’s problems and issues.
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