i. To plan and implement religious activities in urban areas, such as organising Fardhu Ain classes, religious speeches and also religious courses.
ii. Responsible in monitoring issues related to religion such as deviant practices, adultery, gambling, liquor/alcohol usage and others.
iii. To monitor the flow of Badan Tadbir Masjid (Administrative Body for Mosque), to assist in preserving religious buildings such as mosque and surau, as well as being responsible towards matters which are related to the cemetery and others.
iv. To assist KEJORA or other agencies in conducting planned religious activities in the committee level or such agency.


i. To plan and implement activities which are capable of instilling awareness among the society on the hazards of drug abuse, the importance on basic knowledge of safety and first aid.
ii. To assist responsible parties in monitoring urban security from negative activities such as house-breaking, drug addiction, gambling, adultery and others.
iii. To plan, encourage and organise the formation of voluntary groups such as the Red Cross Society, Fire Department, RELA and others.
iv. To monitor the flow and to report activities of voluntary teams for the committee’s information.
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