i. To plan and also implement activities related to women development such as organising Fardhu Ain classes for women, cooking classes, household-economy classes, sewing classes, handicrafts classes, aerobics classes, and etc.
ii. To collaborate with other Women’s Organisation such as KEJORA Family Club, UMNO Women’s Bureau, KEMAS and etc.
iii. To acknowledge the committee regarding issues faced by women in the cities of KEJORA.
iv. To assist the committee in implementing activities for women especially single mothers’ and widows.
v. To assist the committee in implementing committee-related activities.


i. To assist the committee in implementing planned activities.
ii. To forward questions and issues by represented residents and deliver all committee’s decision to the residents.
iii. Voicing out views for the benefit and progress of the society or represented cities.
iv. To abide by the decision which have been taken in the committee meeting and ensure that such decision is implemented.
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