The committee membership comprises of the whole residents for cities of KEJORA and neighbouring areas within the KEJORA territory jurisdiction with the exception of areas with existing committee such as JKKR for FELDA settlement and JKK for villages.
5.1 The committee is responsible to defend any decision which has been made during the committee meeting. It is inappropriate for a Committee Member under any circumstances to take individual action or take advantage of the Committee in order to obtain a particular personal exclusivity or benefit or for the benefit of the residents without making prior reference from the Committee.
5.2 A Committee Member is strictly prohibited to act beyond the jurisdiction which is assigned to him/her as stated in the committee’s objective of role and responsibility guideline.
5.3 A Committee Member’s role and job scope is limited to the Committee’s area of movement only. A Committee Member is not permitted to practice the roles of those outside the Committee’s area of movement.
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