1. To encourage member’s participation in an administration system called democracy especially to solve society problems which occur in the urban area.
2. To close relationship and cooperation between residents, employers, KEJORA management and Government agencies are located there.
3. To prepare channel for residents to share problems, views or implement any activity for residents.
4. To prepare main body to monitor, guide and help the biro, volunteers, and other Committees in the urban area.
Responsibility and Duty
1. Create small committee/bureau :
a) Economy Bureau
b) Education Bureau
c) Youth and Sports Bureau
d) Religious Bureau
e) Women’s Bureau
f) Security Bureau
g) Welfare Bureau
2. To decide on Committee’s meeting date and other meetings.
3. To handle all action and JKKMB plans and coordinate the bureaus flow.
4. To support and give help to reach Committee’s objectives and responsibility.
5. To collect data and information regarding city such as residents, society activities and other information about social-economic and updating it from time to time for planning purpose, coordinating, development projects implementing and society activities done at the urban area and nearby.
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