Provides services in General Administration, Contract and Supply, Human Resource Management and Public/Corporate/Quality Relations to KEJORA personnel and the society which is capable of fulfiling management requirements and customer satisfaction.



  1. Manage and coordinate matters related to general administration and acquisition such as management of stocks and assets, office vehicle, computer hardware, management of filing room and others.
  2. Manage, handle and coordinate human resource-related matters such as salary, promotion process, retirement, position, leave, training and others.
  3. To coordinate and handle secretarial-related matters such as meeting, Department Functions, awarding of personnel incentive and handling personnel loan
  4. To handle and coordinate matters related to public relations and Customer Service Unit.



Main Activities of the Human Resource Administration and Management


No. Main Activity Other Involved Parties Current System
1. Manage stock and asset • All Division • None
2. Coordinate and control office vehicle • All Division • None
3. Coordinate and control equipment hardware • All Division • None
4. Filing room management • All Division • None
5. Manage performance evaluation and salary flow • All Division
• Finance Division
• None
6. Handling promotion process, discipline, work postponement and acting as well as retirement • All Division
• Finance Division
• None
7. Manage and coordinate application and filling of position • All Division • HRMIS
8. Manage public relations-related affairs and handling the Customer Service Unit • All Division • Complaint System



Products and Services of Human Resource Administration and Management Division


No. Product/Service Target Group
1. Management of stock and asset, office vehicle, computer hardware and filing room management. • KEJORA Personnel
2. Management of salary, promotion process, retirement, position, leave and training. • KEJORA Personnel
3. Public relations service and customer service • Public
4. Handling of court cases, preparation of ownership-transfer and land leasing agreement document as well as appointment of attorney panel. • Contractor
• Consultant
• Vendor
• Investor
• KEJORA Management
• The public and community of KEJORA
5. Coordination of internal audit affairs. • Management of KEJORA
• Finance Division


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