1. Implement administration authority and services in New KEJORA Township following Section 7 Local Government Act as well as By-Laws and enforced laws.
  2. Improve the KEJORA Local Government quality of service in implementing maintenance and hygiene duties in New KEJORA Townships by establishing better facilities for the society’s welfare.



The Southeast Johor City Board (LBJT) functions were implemented and enforced on the 8th of July 1983 according to Section 7, Local Government Act 1976 (Act 171). The Authorities which were conferred to KEJORA by the State Government is based on Enactment No.7 (handing over of duties to KEJORA):

  1. Under Section 5 – LBJT can act as a collector under National Land Code.
  2. Under Seksyen 7 (Section 7) – LBJT can conduct duties as the Town Board.


The functions and duties of LBJT based on the respective units are as follows:

Health And Licensing Unit

  1. Process application, issue, renewal and termination of trading stall, public market and night market licenses.
  2. Prepare, manage and control rubbish disposal and collection service, cleaning of drain, street, vacant areas and grass mowing.
  3. Provides general health services which include food quality control and vector disease control.
  4. Rental of LBJT-owned stalls.


Building Unit

  1. Execute law enforcement and approval process under development control.
  2. Issue of various building-related permit and licence.
  3. Supervise and maintain LBJT assets and public amenities.


Landscape Unit

  1. Plan KEJORA urban beautification programme for the comfort, harmony and security of users/residents.
  2. Implement Preparation Activities of a particular required function for customer’s satisfaction.
  3. Control and coordinate landscape activities in new KEJORA township
  4. Ensure all public complaint-related reports are resolved within the prescribed period.
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