Initially, the Town Planning and Project Development Division was only known as the Town Planning Division. In line with the dissolution of KEJORA JKR Unit in year 1998, the KEJORA Managment took-charge of functions and duties of the KEJORA JKR Unit.
Hence, through the restructuring of KEJORA Management, this division was renamed as Bahagian Perancang Bandar Dan Pembangunan Projek (Town Planning And Project Development Division) in the year 2000. The restructuring process only changed the name of the division but did not add/restructure the  division personnel. The proposed restructuring of division personnel have been submitted to the Board of Director in 2003 by considering the addition of technical personnel especially for Engineer and a Quantity Surveyor.
To accomodate issues on the burden of technical duties and lack of technical staff, this division practiced the approach which was agreed to by the management in conducting of development projects.
However, through the second restructuring of KEJORA Management on 1 May 2011, this division was distributed to a new unit/division, Bahagian Perancang Bandar Dan Desa (Town And Country Planning Division) and also the Unit Teknikal (Technical Unit) which was both placed under the responsibility of the Deputy General Manager (Development).
This is to coordinate tasks in order to make way for distribution according to their respective field of expertise, whereby the Technical Unit specialises in the technical field.


The Technical Unit is established in KEJORA as a division responsible to:
i.     Supervise and monitor the development projects conducted in the KEJORA Region.
ii.    Conduct management duties which are related to the department.
iii.   Provide information on related development projects.


1.    The Technical Unit manages contractual works by carrying out tender and quotation programmes, and work instructions to collaborate with appointed consultants.
2.    The unit also conducts project management and supervision duties from the date of commencement to completion of a particular Contract.
3.    This unit monitors contractual programmes based on a Current Work Progress Review of a particular Contract.
4.    The unit emphasises more on preparation of development projects such as provision of public and social amenities, roads, supply of water and electricity, and communications.
5.    This unit is responsible on all matters related to appointment of consultants, advertising, assessment, as well as contract offers and supervision up to the declaration of Interim payment claim.

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