Here is a list of the Intranet system:

1. Webmail
Is an email management system KEJORA
2. e-Kedatangan
A system for managing attendance of KEJORA personnel which eases preparation of monthly personnel attendance report.
3. e-Perubatan
A system developed for the following purposes:
(a)    To improve control of staff medical benefits in KEJORA panel clinics in order to prevent from exceeding the prescribed limit.
(b)    To ease personnel in reviewing utilised medical allocation via MyID reference number.
A Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS) bearing objectives as stated below:
(a)    To permit planning of manpower and determining an effective public service size via a comprehensive human resource information;
(b)    Automating operation processes of human resource management;
(c)    Developing an updated and integrated human resource information;
(d)    Easing communication and integration in a horizontal manner, coordinating human resource processes and access via a single window;
(e)    Contributing towards establishing a paper-less environment;
(f)    Preparing an open, flexible and updated human resource information system to fulfill management requirements in various agency level;
A system which assists the Central Agency, Ministry and also agencies under its wing for monitoring development projects (Requires Digital Signature).
6. ICT Complaint
ICT complaint is a system utilised for KEJORA personnel to lodge any complaint related to damaged ICT hardware or software.
7. e-File
e-File or Central File Management System developed for the purpose of improving file movement control utilised by KEJORA Departments/Divisions.
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