ISO/IEC 27001:2013


“Information Security Management System for Electronic Procurement Ready Online ePRO, South East Johor Development Authority”

The Information Security Management System (ISMS) for Procurement Services management includes the following:

  1. Protection of confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of KEJORA’s procurement information;
  2. Management of Information security of procurement services;
  3. Management of procurement information processing to make it secure and correct;
  4. Management of access prevention to unauthorized physical environments as well as damage and disturbance to the premises and information of the Organization;
  5. Management of hardware security to prevent loss, damage, theft or compromise on assets and disruption to the Organization’s activities; and
  6. Safety management against employees, contractors and users to understand their respective responsibilities to reduce the risk of theft, fraud or abuse of the facilities provided.


“Providing effective procurement management to ensure the confidentiality, availability, reliability and integrity of information that is channeled to the relevant parties”

The ISMS policy refers to the latest of KEJORA ‘s Information Technology and Communication Security Policy (DKICT). DKICT KEJORA was created to ensure KEJORA’s  business continuity with minimizing the impact of ICT security incidents.