Administration & Human Resource Management Division

Name: Mohd Ashek bin Mohd Hassan
E-mail: ashek[at]kejora[dot]gov[dot]my
Telephone No: 07-8843007

Provide services in the areas of Administration and Asset Management, Human Resource Management, Corporate Communication as well as Quality, Training and Competency to KEJORA members and the community that can meet the needs of management and customer satisfaction.

The Human Resource Administration and Management Division is a division that provides supporting services to the department. Existing duties include the following:

  • General Administration and Asset Management
  • Human resource Management
  • Quality, Training and Competency
  1. Create a conducive work environment;
  2. Establish control and security systems for buildings and office equipment;
  3. Establish control and maintenance systems for office vehicles;
  4. Ensure the smooth running of Board Meetings;
  5. Ensure that the system and method of management of loan funds for members are implemented in an orderly manner;
  6. Ensure the smooth management system of the Government’s movable assets.
  1. Ensure that the manpower requirements are adequate and in line with the needs of KEJORA’s functions and roles.
  2. Ensure that all member service requirements are implemented based on the rulings of the Public Service Department (JPA)
  3. Ensure that members’ discipline is always at a good level and take action against members who break the rules through the Disciplinary Committee.
  4. Ensure that members’ performance is evaluated annually for recognition and career development of members.
  5. Ensure that the Human Resource Management System can be managed through HRMIS for a more systematic service.
  1. Ensure that the MS ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System is implemented in accordance with the set standards.
  2. Ensure that the records management system in the KEJORA Central File Room and KEJORA Classified Documents is implemented effectively;
  3. Ensure that the KEJORA Work Procedure Manual and Desk Files of members are prepared and updated;
  4. Ensure that the Member Training Program runs smoothly as planned;
  5. Ensure that the In-Office Confirmation program runs smoothly:
  6. Ensure the successful implementation of the Innovative and Creative Groups (KIK);
  7. Ensure the secretariat of the 5S Quality Management System is implemented effectively;
  8. Ensure that the Mentoring Program can be implemented and coordinated well;
  9. Ensure the coordination of the use of practical students/ practical training in each division is according to the required field of specialization.