The Johor state National Security Council (MKN) in collaboration with the KEJORA Facility Management Unit (UPF) jointly organized the Beach Clean up day program on October 2, 2022 at Tanjung Balau Beach.
The programme was officiated by Johor State Security Director, Encik Mohd Tarmizi bin Dan. A total of at least 120 participants from various agencies such as KEJORA, BOMBA, Department of information Malaysia, APM, Kejora Hospitality Sdn. Bhd., residents of Tanjung Balau fishing village as well as teachers and students of Tunku Mahkota Ismail Sports School (SSTMI) were involved in the programme.
Aiming at safeguarding, conserving and utilizing existing natural resources as well as maintaining sustainability for Universal well-being, this program also provides awareness of the importance of caring for the environment to the community in general, inculcating noble character, tolerance and consensus in producing quality human beings who are able to contribute to the country. In addition, it also applies good values in the formation of ethical and responsible individuals as well as increasing awareness of social responsibility as well as strengthening relationships among the agencies involved.
Also present were Putrajaya Information Department Assistant Director Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Halim and Johor State Information Department Assistant Director Baniamin bin Abu Bakar who gave a brief on human trafficking and migrant smuggling.
In addition, Tanjung Balau fisherman Museum has been willing to accept all participants involved in this program to enter the museum and take a closer look at all the artifacts in Tanjung Balau fisherman Museum.
Hopefully, this relationship will give a thousand meanings and become a bridge to a more intact strategic relationship. Congratulations all.