Department of Social Development & Rural Development

Name: Sh Khayulzahri bin Sh A.Raof
E-mail: shzahri[at]kejora[dot]gov[dot]my
Telephone No: 07-8843000

To plan and coordinate development in the KEJORA Region with a focus on new towns, settlement centers and traditional villages in terms of providing public and social facilities, economic development, social and institutional development programs, developing the poorest communities and monitoring management operations KEJORA Region Mini RTC.

  1. Manage and implement public and social facilities projects, human development, traditional village development, housing / business space and the poorest communities;
  2. Implement human, social, institutional and management development programs Mini RTC to reduce the digital divide;
  3. Assist the poorest and community development KEJORA Region through the People’s Welfare Development Scheme (SPKR) project, Skills and Career Training Program (PLKK), Education Excellence Program (PKP) and Human Mind Development Program (PPMI);
  4. Improving public and social facilities in traditional villages and structured development involving low-cost and related houses;
  5. Implement efforts to eradicate the hardcore poor in KEJORA Region through the assistance of SPKR established by the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development (KKLW) through e-kasih registration;
  6. Strengthening the JKKK organization and Movers; and
  7. Sustainable Village Program.

Main Activities of the Social Development and Rural Development Division

No. Main Activities Other Parties Involved
1. Plan, design and implement humanitarian development programs (Human Capital) • Residents of KEJORA Region
2. Plan, design and implement educational development and excellence programs (Educational Excellence Program) • KEJORA Regional Youth
• Skills and Education Institutions
3. To be the secretariat of the People’s Welfare Development Scheme Program (SPKR) • Residents of KEJORA Region
4. Coordinate and update Village Profile information • GDW KEJORA Region
5. Coordinate and implement Economic Development programs, Economic Improvement Program (PPP), Career Skills Training Program (PLKK), Home Assistance Program (PBR) and Mini RTC • Residents of KEJORA Region

Products and Services Division of Social Development and Rural Development

No. Products / Services Target Group
1. Development of projects, public and social facilities as well as economic development in New Towns and traditional villages in the KEJORA region • Residents of KEJORA Region
2. Implementation of human and social development programs • Residents of KEJORA Region
3. Implementation of efforts to eradicate the hardcore poor through the Housing Assistance Program (PBR) under the People’s Welfare Development Scheme Program (SPKR). • e-Kasih Participants
4. Village Economic Development through the establishment of cooperatives (21st Century Village) • GDayaW KEJORA Region