Development of Agro-based Industry

The development of the Agro-Based Industry was first developed in 1999 with the aim of providing comfortable premises to entrepreneurs as well as providing employment opportunities to locals. There are 3 main components:

Herbal Factory

Developed in 2003 for the development of the herbal industry in Johor. The plant has been leased to KEJORA Subsidiaries since 2015 to enhance agro-based economic activities and agro-based industries.

Agricultural Product Collection and Handling Centre (PPPHT)

The Agricultural Product Collection and Handling Centre (PPPHT) was built in 1999 with aims of being a focal premise for the collection of agricultural products and agro-based industries in the KEJORA Region. Until now, this premise is still leased to Tetuan Azmi Bagus Sdn. Bhd. with a variety of agricultural products and various activities to attract visitors.

Penawar R&R Complex

The Penawar R&R complex is located at Km. 43 of the Kota Tinggi-Desaru road and is a newly built ‘rest and recuperation’ (R&R) centre for users of the Kota Tinggi-Pengerang road and the Senai-Desaru Highway. KEJORA has allocated a total of RM 5.5 Million to provide new Penawar R&R premises equipped with 22 units of stalls, surau building, toilet building and ample vehicle parking. The complex is expected to be fully operational latest by March 2018.

No. Type of Stall No. of Stalls (unit)
1 Fruit/ convenience stalls

(9 m x  9 m)

2 Food stalls

( 3m x 6m)

3 Beverage stalls

(3m x 6m)

4 Agro-based industry/ convenience stalls

(3m x 6m)