Economics & Entrepreneurs Unit

Name: Mohd Fakharur Razziy bin Hazran
E-mail: razzy[at]kejora[dot]gov[dot]my
Telephone No: 07-8843021
  1. Produce pro-active, dynamic, viable and resilient entrepreneurs;
  2. Produce entrepreneurs who can produce quality and competitive products/ goods for the local and export markets;
  3. Create a Bumiputera commercial and industrial community (MPPB);
  4. Create employment opportunities for the workforce living in the Bandar Tenggara and Bandar Penawar areas;
  5. Increase the income of the rural and surrounding population through the industrial sector
  6. Increase Government revenue through private commercial activities;
  7. Encourage the development of the service and support industry; and
  8. Encourage investment growth through local and foreign investment.

The Economic and Entrepreneur Unit is a unit that coordinates activities that stimulate the economy of the people of KEJORA region in the entrepreneurial and industrial sectors. Existing duties include the following:

  1. Plan program strategies and activities in developing the economy of the KEJORA region in the agriculture, industry, entrepreneur and tourism sectors;
  2. Seeking opportunities and space to further promote the economic development of the KEJORA region;
  3. Carry out promotional activities and cooperation networks to introduce the resources available in the KEJORA region;
  4. Identify resources available in the KEJORA region to be commercialized internationally;
  5. Improve the economic level of the community in the KEJORA region through business and entrepreneurship guidance programs;
  6. Responsible for continuous efforts in boosting the economy of KEJORA region towards being more competitive;
    1. Entrepreneurship Programs
      • Fully manage all premises involving stalls, workshops, SME factories & Incubator Factories as well as establish strategic collaborations with other government agencies;
      • Responsible for coordinating the participation of entrepreneurs in expos or exhibitions in and outside the country, in addition to organizing entrepreneurship expos or exhibitions;
      • Role in developing packaging and labeling of KEJORA entrepreneur products;
      • Responsible for planning, implementing, monitoring the implementation of training & guidance programs for entrepreneurs such as courses, trainings, visits and seminars;
      • Responsible for planning, implementing, monitoring and repaying loans for the Entrepreneur Loan Scheme (SPU) & Economic Revolving Fund (TPE);
      • Responsible for assisting and coordinating the applications of KEJORA entrepreneurs who wish to obtain the Rural Economic Loan Scheme (SPED) under KPLB.
    2. Industrial Programs
      • Plan and implement industrial programs within KEJORA region in accordance with Federal Government/ State Government policies; and implement industrial programs within KEJORA region in line with Federal Government/ State Government policies;
      • Plan and evaluate strategies for the development of the KEJORA Industrial sector according to the current situation;
      • Responsible for maintaining relationships with investors, as well as coordinating and monitoring the performance of companies;
      • Responsible for processing applications for industrial lots, applications for change of enterprise type, change of company name and company applications to mortgage industrial lots to financial institutions;
      • Responsible for obtaining, collecting and analyzing data and statistical information on industrial development as well as the preparation of KEJORA Industrial Development Report.