Economics & Entrepreneurs Unit


To strategise, coordinate, and monitor the economic development in some particular sectors of the KEJORA Region.



  1. To plan strategies for the economic development of KEJORA regions in the sectors of agriculture, industries, entrepreneur, and tourism.
  2. To seek opportunities and space for the promotion of the economic development of KEJORA regions
  3. To conduct promotional activities and collaborative networking for the introduction of resources available in the KEJORA regions
  4. To identify resources available in the KEJORA regions to be commercialised at the international level.
  5. To increase economic standards of the community in the KEJORA regions through entrepreneurship and business guidance programmes.
  6. To implement continuous efforts in spurring the economy of KEJORA regions towards achieving a higher level of competitiveness.



Main Activities Economic And Entreprenuer Unit


No Main Activity Other Parties Involved Current System
1. Plan and coordinate the development of the industrial sector in KEJORA regions • Investors
• Private Companies
• Johor State Government
• Agencies involved in industrialisation (MITI, MATRADE )
• None
2. Plan, coordinate, and implement entrepreneur development programmes • Entrepreneur
• Agencies involved with entrepreneurship (PUJB, SEMIDEC, MATRADE etc)
• None
3. Plan strategies to develop the economy through existing resources available in various sectors • Residents of the KEJORA regions • None




Products And Services for Economic And Entrepreneur Unit


No. Product/Service Target Group
1. Sales of industrial lots and ensuring its development • Investors
• Industrial lot holders
2. Management of requirements for industrial/business infrastructure and premise • Entrepeneurs
3. Assist entrepreneurs in identifying potential business fields • Entrepeneurs and future entrepreneurs
4. Entrepreneur development • Entrepreneurs