Facility Management Unit

Name: Noorazmi bin Sahar
E-mail: norazmi[at]kejora[dot]gov[dot]my
Telephone No: 07-8843207

The function of the Facility Management Unit is to implement maintenance management of KEJORA immovable assets more efficiently and hygiene maintenance throughout KEJORA areas that are not located within the Local Authority’s operating area by providing better facility services for the welfare of the community and target groups.

Objectives of the Administration Unit

  1. Ensure the smooth and perfect administration of the Facility Management Unit;
  2. Ensure that the Facilities Management Unit always has sufficient staff capacity to perform its functions;
  3. Ensure the discipline of the Facility Management Unit members is at a good level;
  4. To manage the services of the facilities purchased and facilities under supervision through the rental of stadiums and fields, badminton courts, futsal courts, petanque courts, multipurpose halls, Tg Balau campsite and other facilities;
  5. Implement instructions from the department/ management in accordance with the rules and department circulars issued from time to time.

Objectives of the Building Maintenance and Electrical Unit

  1. Maintain buildings and structures belonging to the department, including the assets of the department within its region;
  2. Provide advice to divisions/ units in KEJORA on the scope of efficient maintenance;
  3. Maintain other facilities belonging to the department so that they can be used properly;
  4. Provide support services and needs (electrical/ mechanical related) to KEJORA in general and the residents of KEJORA region;
  5. Ensure that all electrical/ mechanical equipment under the supervision of the Facility Management Unit functions properly in accordance with the set standards;
  6. To regulate and monitor electrical/ mechanical related projects under the auspices of the Facility Management Unit runs smoothly according to schedule, cost effective and affordable as well as in accordance with set standards and minimum technical failures;
  7. To solve electrical/ mechanical problems immediately.

Objectives of the Logistics Unit

  1. To ensure that sanitary maintenance work in the supervisory area can be carried out according to schedule;
  2. To ensure that the supervision area is always in good condition and clean;
  3. To provide logistics facilities and equipment such as tents and other equipment accurately and completely according to the approved application;
  4. To plan in improving the environment of KEJORA assets especially landscaping and cleanliness is always in a conducive environment;
  5. Assist and cooperate with other agencies in organized programs such as gotong-royong and CSR.

The Facility Management Unit is a unit that provides support services to the department. The scope of tasks performed is as follows;

  • Management of the maintenance of the department’s immovable assets including physical assets and other facilities owned by KEJORA;
  • Management of sanitary maintenance of KEJORA-owned assets including within KEJORA new towns and traditional villages under KEJORA’s supervision;
  • Manage services purchased through the rental of KEJORA facilities under supervision;
  • Provide mechanical and electrical assistance support services to customers from within KEJORA as well as departments/ entities outside KEJORA.

    NO.                 FACILITY           LOCATION
1 Football field and track stadium Bandar Penawar Bandar Tenggara
2 Badminton court Bandar Penawar Bandar Tenggara Bandar Sri Perani
3 KEJORA hall Bandar Penawar Bandar Tenggara Bandar Sri Perani
4 Futsal court Bandar Penawar
5 Petanque court Bandar Penawar
6 Gymnasium Bandar Penawar
7 Camping site Tanjung Balau
8 Tg Balau public toilet (bathroom, rinse room) Tanjung Balau