Information Technology Division


  1. Develop and manage effective information technology as an input to management in implementing policies and managing strategies to improve the living and socio-economic status of residents in the KEJORA region;
  2. Forming a society capable of utilizing ICT for the purpose of  achieving a better life;
  3. Evaluating and reporting progress on the implementation of ICT development projects to the management of KEJORA and the Ministry.


Planning And Coordination

  1. Evaluate, provide feedback and propose department computing projects according to the ICT development.
  2. Planning, designing, building and coordinating KEJORA Official Website and multimedia applications.
  3. Managing the preparation of project proposals related to main application systems and support including finance and human resources.
  4. Monitoring application development and system maintenance in collaboration with appointed vendor.
  5. Managing the Computer Lead and Technical committee.

System Maintenance and Coordination

  1. Coordinate and maintain the Official Website of KEJORA.
  2. Maintain and advise users on non-developed systems by KEJORA such as SAGA, SPPII and HRMiS.
  3. Maintain and advise on application systems at KEJORA.
  4. Coordinate and implement training for system users.

Network Administration and ICT Security

  1. Responsible for the safety of networks, systems and ICT equipment is always  manageable.
  2. Manage and administer all databases.
  3. Manage the preparation of project proposal related  to data center.
  4. Coordinate, administer and maintain Email servers.
  5. Manage, coordinate and supervise the administration of communications networks (LANs and WANs)

Provide Technical Assistance

  1. Coordinate the maintenance of KEJORA IT infrastructure (hardware, software and network).
  2. Coordinate and manage procurement and disposal of KEJORA ICT hardware and software.
  3. Coordinate internal and external ICT training / courses / seminars for KEJORA staffs.
  4. Design and implement multimedia and audio visual presentations.
  5. Performs scheduled back-up activities of the system and data.

System Development

  1. Designing system development in KEJORA.
  2. Develop and manage current system.
  3. Ensure current system is used by KEJORA staff.
  4. Conduct system usage training.

Plan and implement KEJORA ICT security policy and ISMS ISO / IEC 27001: 2013

  1. Monitor the implementation of ISMS in KEJORA.
  2. Implement and coordinate internal audit and SIRIM Audit.
  3. Update procedures related to ISMS scope.
  4. Revise ISMS requirements from time to time.
  5. Coordinate ISMS Management Review Meeting (MKSP).