Integrity Unit

Nama: Mus-Irwan bin Hj. Misroom
E-mel: mus[at]kejora[dot]gov[dot]my
No. Telefon: 07-8843201

The government’s commitment to integrate all management of integrity-related matters under a dedicated unit so that initiatives to institutionalize integrity, prevention, compliance, misconduct detection and punitive action can be implemented in a more focused, planned, efficient and effective manner and achieve optimal results.

The Service Circular No. 6 of 2013, effective 1 August 2013 informs of the Government’s decision to establish Integrity Units in all government agencies as an internal control mechanism to evaluate and monitor civil servants adopting a superior work culture with strong moral and ethical characteristics, furthermore increasing the spirit of patriotism.

In accordance with the ruling, the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development through reference letter KKLW.SM.500-32/1 Vol.16 (43) dated 11 October 2013 implemented the decision to establish the Agency Integrity Unit as the model set by the Public Service Department (JPA) based on a risk rating by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

To continue to strengthen integrity to ensure that civil servants practice and uphold the principles of integrity and accountability to curb criminal misconduct and violations of organizational code of conduct and ethics towards achieving a more excellent public delivery system in KEJORA. Appointment Approval Letter No. E70 of 2013 dated 6 December 2013 is hereby notified that in accordance with the instructions of the Cabinet Committee and the Service Circular Letter No. 5 of 1987, approval was given to KEJORA to coordinate and make emolument changes for positions created in the Integrity Unit effective as of 1 August 2013.

In that regard, it is the most important agenda to enhance the integrity of Malaysians in order to achieve the 2020 vision as in the Government Transformation Plan, National Key Result Areas (NKRA) and the 1Malaysia Concept introduced by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and the people in expecting an efficient and effective public service, good government governance which in return will combat the waste of government funds.

Towards that end, the Government will continue to take steps to strengthen and cultivate integrity among civil servants and this effort has received good response and cooperation from the civil service machinery.

The establishment of the Agency Integrity Unit is a Blue Ocean Strategy approach that combines Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Officers with Agency Officers in managing integrity in a more focused and planned way, as well as meeting the needs and suitability of the agency.

Responsible to:

  1. The Secretary General of the Ministry of Rural Development /General Manager.
  2. The Chief Commissioner of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) (Agency Integrity Management Division, MACC for coordination, assistance and reporting).

This unit is responsible for performing six (6) core functions as follows:

  1. Strengthening Integrity – Ensuring the cultivating, institutionalization and implementation of integrity in the organization.
  2. Complaints Management – Receive and take action on all complaints/ information on criminal misconduct as well as violations of organizational code of conduct and ethics.
  3. Detection and Verification – Detects and verifies complaints of criminal misconduct as well as violations of the organisation’s code of conduct and ethics and ensures appropriate follow-up action is taken. Report criminal misconduct to the responsible enforcement agency.
  4. Disciplinary – Performs the secretarial function of the Disciplinary Board.
  5. Compliance – Ensures compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  6. Governance – Ensure the best governance is implemented.