Starting from 18 to 20 October 2022, an Agropelancongan course organized by the Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Division, KEJORA was held at the MARDI TG Karang agrotechnology park, Selangor and Selangor Fruit Valley. A total of 25 people involved in the program consisted of villagers under the supervision of KEJORA, KEJORA subsidiaries and agency representatives as facilitators of this course.
The closing ceremony of the 2022 Agropelancongan course, on October 20, 2022, was officiated by En Daud Bin Abd Rahman as Deputy General Manager(Development) of KEJORA.
The 3-day Program aims to provide exposure and brainstorming to further expand the development of existing agropelancongan products and activities in the village under the supervision of KEJORA.
In addition, KEJORA has invited relevant agencies such as the Johor State Department of Agriculture, Tourism Johor and MARDI Serdang, Selangor to give talks on the development of agropelancongan activities undertaken by these agencies. which can be used as an example and reference the KEJORA.
Well done and congratulations to all participants.