The development program to improve the presentation and packaging quality of KEJORA SME products had already started in 2013. However, to further improve the standard and quality of this program, effective as of 2015, KEJORA began to implement this program in a more moduled and structured way under the KEJORA SME Product Quality Transformation Program – KEJORA BEST.

The objectives of this Product Quality Transformation Program are to:

  1. Provide entrepreneurship development programs through total coaching and promote the capabilities and potential of entrepreneurs to a better level;
  2. Develop and enhance entrepreneurial products through packaging quality improvement programs and product presentation in line with proper and competitive brand transformation methods as well as compliance with the Food Labeling and Regulations Act;
  3. Implement product quality improvement preparatory programs, quality control (QC), quality environmental practices (5S) as well as preparation towards MeSTI/HALAL/GMP/ISO9001 and other related certification;
  4. Provide a platform in guiding and assisting entrepreneurs and KEJORA in terms of human capital development and intensifying entrepreneurship and business towards empowering the economy of entrepreneurs under the guidance of KEJORA.

The implementation of this program involves three stages namely;

  1. Preparation for the Implementation of the Business Transformation Program to identify entrepreneurial selection and product selection.
  2. Implement branding and packaging programs on selected products for design determination, printing, IP and food testing on nutrition and product lifespan testing.
  3. Implement quality training programs and follow-up monitoring programs to the premises of entrepreneurs to identify improvements on the production process and preparation towards halal certification, MESTI compliance, HCCP, etc.

The program implementation under the ‘KEJORA BEST’ initiative can also further increase the capacity of the number of local entrepreneurs, especially KEJORA entrepreneurs to a more productive, innovative and competitive level. The direct impacts are as follows:

  1. Improving the economy and living standards of the community through increased business and industrial activities.
  2. Improving the knowledge and skills of entrepreneurs and KEJORA officers in the aspects of entrepreneurial development, branding and packaging, technical requirements as well as the development and improvement of product quality and quality control.
  3. Provide added value to the products of KEJORA entrepreneurs through the improvement of the design and function of packaging and branding as well as the provision of operating premises that are geared towards meeting healthy requirements as well as towards the Halal certification level.
  4. Increased sales as well as market expansion/ increase for the products of SME entrepreneurs.
  5. Realize the goals of KEJORA SME entrepreneurs who want to grow their business as well as make KEJORA guidance entrepreneurs as role models to other entrepreneurs. Increase in the number of KEJORA SME entrepreneurs who can penetrate the local and global markets.

KEJORA targets a total of 50 products to improve the quality of product presentation, branding and packaging from 2021 until the end of 2030.