7 AUGUST 2022 I SUNDAY I 6.00 PM
The atmosphere of the last day or the fourth day of KEJORA Youth Week 2022. The last day, began with a coloring contest of schoolchildren in the Public Library of the city of Bidder. Furthermore, the Career Path program continued to open opportunities for youth to attend interviews directly with 12 agencies that bid for jobs.
The Futsal competition took place on this fourth day with 32 entries while the school Buskers competition featured the talents of school students playing musical instruments.
Interestingly today, is an exhibition of autoshow cars & motorcycles located in the parking lot of the Farmers Market of Bandar Penawar. With the participation of more than 300 vehicles, visitors have the opportunity to see the beauty of car and motorcycle modifications.
The appearance of Ustaz Khailil Razak or his popular name Ustaz Tido and Shahrol Shiro as icons of Johor’s young people in the appearance of Kopitiam youth talk with the help of a moderator, Mr. Razak. Muhammad Fadzli bin Hassan, president of Felda Youth Council Malaysia has attracted many visitors and youths to listen to their sharing related to entrepreneurs and so on.
In the end, we are talking about youth not because of their name youth, but because of their nature, energetic youth, reflected in them character as a connector of heritage, the successor of civilization, the bearer of the burden of National Trust.
It is our duty to fulfill the software themselves with the essence, the hope that later they will be worthy to be the youth as ordered by Pastor za’ba;-
That’s what I’m saying,
Remember all the young jauhari,
May Allah give kabul,
You’re the restorer of the country.
Why beetles pollinate flowers,
Because the fat is honey there;
Whose Decade Is It?
# The Decade Is Your Decade
#It’s Our Time