ICT Security Officer (ICTSO)

NAME : Tn. Hj. Matriffin bin Md Amin

Position : Information Technology Manager

The roles and responsibilities of ICTSO are as follows:

  1. Manage the overall security programme of KEJORA ICT;
  2. Enforcing the KEJORA ICT Security Policy;
  3. Provide information and disclosure of KEJORA ICT’s Security Policy to all users;
  4. Establish guidelines, procedures and forms in line with the KEJORA ICT Security Policy requirements;
  5. Conduct risk management;
  6. Conducting audits, reviewing, formulating agency management responses based on findings and providing reports on them;
  7. To warn against the potential of harmful threats such as viruses and to advise and provide appropriate protection measures;
  8. Reporting the ICT security incident to MAMPU’s ICT Security Incident Response Team (GCERT) and informing it to CIO and CERT KKLW;
  9. Collaborate with all relevant parties in identifying the source of threats or ICT security incidents and recommending prompt recovery measures;
  10. Recognize the disciplinary action process for users who violate the KEJORA ICT Security Policy; and
  11. Provide and implement awareness programs in ICT security