Property Division

Name: Haslinda binti Abu Bakar
E-mail: linda[at]kejora[dot]gov[dot]my
Telephone No: 07-8843012
  • To perform the duties of acquiring land ownership from the State Government for the purpose of development of housing, industrial, tourism, agricultural and public utility projects.
  • Serving the divisions in KEJORA in implementing development projects such as providing Serah Balik Kurnia Semula (SBKS) agreements.

Land Unit

  1. Preparation of land application paperwork for the approval of the Board of Directors of KEJORA.
    • Housing / Building Development
    • Industrial Area Development
    • Agriculture Area Development
    • Tourism Area Development
    • Public Amenities Area Development
    • Regional Development by Government Agencies
  2. Preparation of paperwork for application and certification of land to the Director of Land and Mines (PTG) for approval of the State Government
  3. To keep a listing of land ownership registration for :
    • Transfer of Land / Lot – Form 14A
    • Lease of Land – Form 15A
    • Mortgage of Land / Lot – Form 16A
    • Rental / LPS / TOL – Form 4A
    • SUK reserve land under KEJORA maintenance
  4. Enforcement of interest restrictions, terms of ownership as required by the National Land Code (Part Seven of KTN)
  5. Provision of measuring parameter and planting of boundary stones.
  6. Plan and coordinate the development of land within the area or the Region of KEJORA with the District Land Office and other technical departments.

Housing Unit

  1. Administration and sale of houses in Bandar Baru KEJORA and Traditional villages
  2. Preparation of sale and purchase agreements for houses and shop houses which include transfer, mortgage and release of mortgage.
  3. Collection of fees and enforcement of arrears of low cost houses, low medium cost houses, KEJORA flats and shops built by KEJORA
  4. Maintenance and repair of houses in the rental or sales process.
  5. Management of KEJORA properties including the development of housing projects through privatization in the new towns of KEJORA.