• After the dissolution of HELWANI in 2017, no more women’s organizations were established in KEJORA;
  • However, a letter of instruction from the Ministry of Rural Development (KPLB) requiring the involvement of all PUSPANITA staff at KPLB, State, Agency and LKW levels in all activities planned in 2019 has led to the official establishment of PUSPANITA in KEJORA;
  • The Association of Wives and Women Members of the Malaysian Public Service or Persatuan Suri dan Anggota Wanita Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia (PUSPANITA) KEJORA Sub -Branch was established on 24 January 2019 upon obtaining approval of the KEJORA Management Meeting No. 5/2019;
  • The meeting approved the establishment of PUSPANITA at KEJORA level by appointing several Supreme Committees as movers at the initial stage;
  • The First General Meeting was held on 24 March 2019 at the Briefing Room, KEJORA, a total of 76 PUSPANITA members and KEJORA Members were present.

The establishment of PUSPANITA in KEJORA is via the Ministry Branch of PUSPANITA (Ministry of Rural Development);

Name of Organisation      : PUSPANITA KEJORA Sub-Branch

Constitution                     : PUSPANITA Constitution (Amendment 2017)

Membership is all female members and spouses of male members of KEJORA.

Objectives of Association:

  1. Strengthen friendship between members;
  2. Strengthen governance more effectively;
  3. Strengthen and empower members; and
  4. Improving the efficiency of the delivery system.

PUSPANITA (KEJORA Sub-Branch) Session 

being updated

Skills improvement programs

Yellow noodle making course, 3D jelly course, pudding raja dessert course, homemade chicken nugget making course, ice cream making course and lasagne making course.

Awareness Courses and Seminars

  • Family Seminar, World Quran Hour Program, Ihya Ramadhan Ceremony, Rights Awareness in Syariah Law Seminar, World Sight Day, Funeral Management Course, Yassin Reading Program and Usrah 2021 (Virtual).

Economic Program

  • KEJORA Women Entrepreneur Seminar, Hari Raya Kuih Sales Program, KEJORA Mini Mall Sales Program and Stall Sales in conjunction with FESENI.

Welfare and Cultural Program

  • Ramadhan Link Program, Let’s Eat Durian Program, Women’s Health Examination Briefing, PUSPANITAR Competition, CB4DR Clothing Bank For Disaster Relief Program.