The Kejora Soccer Kids Development Program is one of the programs under the 2022 talent and Leadership Development (aptitude) Program. This Program aims to identify participants in the KEJORA region who have the potential and talent to be developed through programs
organized by the KEJORA to a higher level.
The Kejora Soccer Kids Development (KSKD) Program was first implemented starting in early September 2022 at the SSTMI Juara Stadium, Bandar Penawar with 16 training sessions involving a total of 30 coaches consisting of 15 under-9 coaches and 15 under-12 coaches.
To see the potential of all coaches today 17.12.2022 (Saturday) there was a 4 Corners Football Competition under the Kejora Regional Football Club Development Program. Kejora has invited 3 teams namely Baka FC (Bandar Penawar), Santai FC (Kota Tinggi) and Fetto FC (Melaka) to participate in the inaugural competition.
Congratulations to all the teams who have shown a good sense of sportsmanship and tactical play. Hopefully, this program can be continued to ensure that the success of trainers can be achieved.
Football with brains.