The Southeast Johor Development Authority (KEJORA) through the administration and Human Resource Management Division has implemented the KEJORA 1 Series Team Building Course at Asia Camp Resort Taman Negara Pahang on 28 to 30 June 2022. This course was attended by 40 members of the morning successfully.
This Team building course is very important to inculcate team spirit, respect and help each other in completing the mission that has been given thoroughly. In addition, it can enhance the spirit of identity intact among members of the morning and help participants make a paradigm shift and become individuals who are more open-minded and cooperative.
Various interesting activities have been carried out in this National Park, including group activities, Jungle Canopy Walk, Survival Cooking in Batek Orang Asli village, Rapid Shooting and others.
Millions of thanks to the participants involved and all of you brilliant workers.