Tourism Division

Name: Suraya Hani binti Sharan
E-mail: suraya[at]kejora[dot]gov[dot]my
Telephone No: 07-8843000

Make the tourism sector one of the main catalysts for economic growth in the Southeast Johor region through research on various facilities and tourist attractions for both the government and the private sector.

1. Project Development

  1. Identify, study and plan tourism development within the KEJORA region
  2. Strengthen and add value to existing tourism products
  3. Plan to get allocations
  4. Coordinate and monitor tourism projects of KEJORA
  5. Identify and review new products
  6. Coordinate new product development
  7. Planning and implementation of marketing and promotional studies

2. Marketing & Promotion

  1. Plan and participate in marketing and promotion programs at the domestic and international levels organized by the government or the private sector.
  2. Acting as a leader in establishing cooperation (networking) with government bodies, the private sector and entrepreneurs within the KEJORA region.
  3. Planning and organizing tourism activities.

3. Rural Tourism

  1. Plan, implement and coordinate courses related to the tourism sector
  2. Coordinate and monitor the implementation of projects carried out by entrepreneurs within the KEJORA Region
  3. Monitor the effectiveness of GDW project implementation.
  4. Coordinate finances and budgets of the management and development.

4. Organization of Annual Events

  1. FESENI @ Punggai 2019
  2. Punggai Carnival Fishing Challenge
  3. KEJORA Majestic Heritage Treasure Hunt
  4. Jamboree @ Desaru (Beach War Machine)
  5. Educator Aspirations Carnival @ Tanjung Balau Fishermen’s Museum
  6. Muntahak Outdoor Challenge @ KEJORA 2019
  7. Bandar Tenggara Outdoor Motocross Challenge
  8. World Animal Day