Legal Unit


  1. To ensure that the interests of KEJORA are always protected from any legal action by outsiders.
  2. Ensure that action taken against external parties can preserve the interests of KEJORA from any legal action.
  3. Ensure that the process or all activities carried out are in compliance with the provisions of Malaysian law adopted by KEJORA.


-To provide advice to management and division officers whether orally or in writing in accordance with certain circumstances
– To obtain written advice from the Panel of Lawyers appointed on an issue raised.

-Review and review a claim case before it is submitted to a lawyer to be brought to court
-Instruct the panel of lawyers to initiate legal action to an individual or company either by summons or by other appropriate means
-Review and review cases of KEJORA summonsed before being presented to lawyers for defense
-Instruct the panel of lawyers to file a defense on behalf of KEJORA
-Monitor the travel of cases involving KEJORA especially KEJORA as a Defendant
-Monitor the performance of the panel of lawyers handling a case for KEJORA
-Issuing legal claims notices
-Presenting itself to the Court as an observer on behalf of KEJORA


                 – Review and examine the documents and information provided by the Division to prepare the Agreement such as Offer Letter, Related Plans,                       – Minutes of Management/Board of Directors/State Government approval Meetings, Schedules/Appendices and others before drafting the                                agreement.
                – Prepare Draft Agreement whether Rental, Lease, Loan, Services, Management, Memorandum of Understanding etc. according to                                               the  instructions received from the Division/Unit
                – Instruct the panel of lawyers to prepare the Draft Agreement whether Lease, Development, Joint Venture, Lease, Management, Sale and                                 Purchase etc. according to the instructions received.
                – Review the draft agreement prepared by the panel of lawyers. Review the section Comments on the draft and review the suitability in                                       accordance with the provisions of the legislation
                – Prepare a final draft based on the views and comments of the Division.
                – Manage and complete Forms of Transfer, Charge, release of charge,lease and other forms related to land Record and keep KEJORA agreement                      documents