Legislative Unit


  1. To ensure that the interests of KEJORA are always protected from any legal action by outsiders.
  2. Ensure that action taken against external parties can preserve the interests of KEJORA from any legal action.
  3. Ensure that the process or all activities carried out are in compliance with the provisions of Malaysian law adopted by KEJORA.


  1. Legal Advice Services.
  2. Legal Documentation and Instruments.
  3. Litigation.


  1. Provide advisory services to Management either orally or in writing according to certain circumstances.
  2. Seek advice in writing from an appointed Bar Panel on an issue raised.


  1. Prepare draft Agreement whether rental, lease, loan and so on according to the instructions received.
  2. Instruct the panel of lawyers to prepare a draft agreement on rent, lease, loan, etc. according to the instructions received.
  3. Review the draft agreement prepared by the panel of lawyers.
  4. Prepare final draft based on the views and comments of the Division.
  5. Manage and complete Transfer Form, Mortgage, mortgage release, lease and other land related forms.
  6. Record and save KEJORA agreement documents.


  1. Examine and review a claim case before submitting it to a lawyer to take to court.
  2. Instruct the panel of lawyers to initiate legal action against the individual or company either through a suit or through other appropriate means.
  3. Examine and review the case of KEJORA being sued before being handed over to a lawyer for defense.
  4. Give instructions to the panel of lawyers to file a defense on behalf of KEJORA
  5. Monitor the progress of cases involving KEJORA especially KEJORA as a Defendant.
  6. Monitor the performance of the panel of lawyers handling a case for KEJORA.
  7. Issue notices of legal claim.
  8. Appears in Court as an observer on behalf of KEJORA