In planning ,managing and implementing rural development in the KEJORA region, activities based on economic development and entrepreneurship become the core and focus of KEJORA management in ensuring that rural and urban economic disparities can be balanced.
On January 19, 2023 (Thursday), a KEJORA working visit session through the economic and entrepreneur Unit with the Gembox was held to see for yourself the opportunities and spaces that can be shared with entrepreneurs registered in the KEJORA region. Gembox @ Nilai is a “Wow Malaysia” project that has become a tourist destination in Negeri Sembilan and a new business marketing platform in Malaysia.The project is a 55-acre bandar wawasan and planned project, of which 25 acres are under the supervision of Mascos Sdn Bhd. Bhd. has built the largest Night Market Centre in Malaysia as well as being the first cashless Tourism Centre in Malaysia that promotes culture, handicraft products, traditional clothing, traditional food & beverage products and many more involving the states in Malaysia.During the visit,KEJORA was also proud to find that their mentoring entrepreneurs had taken the opportunity to do business,expand their business and promote their products in PEMBOX,Nilai Negeri Sembilan.
The delegation from KEJORA was also briefed on the operation of the GEMBOX led by Mr Kevin Tan (deputy general manager of the Gembox) with Mr Edwin Liet (Senior Operation Manager). While the KEJORA party was led by Mr. Daud Bin Abd Rahman (Deputy General Manager, Development) and officers from development management,namely the economic and entrepreneur Unit,Facility Management Unit,Tourism Division,Social Development and Rural Development Division, Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Division and also representatives from the KEJORA traders and Entrepreneurs Association (PuPUK), Mr. Ahmad Salleh Bin Kamar and Mr. Mohd Harizal Bin Khalid. It is hoped that this high potential platform can benefit rural entrepreneurs in the KEJORA region, especially in increasing business networks and promoting products outside the region.
Well done and congratulations.