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During his lifetime, Tunku has shown credibility as a leader in many fields, a fighter with a heart is thick and has a high sense of self to free countries from colonial rule.

Commitments against the Malayan Union, the UMNO leadership to navigate through change the slogan from the Long Live Malays to Independent, the strategy in cooperation with the alliance between the races the Council of Malay Rulers Tunku’s leadership has proven until successfully achieve independence peacefully through negotiations.

Bend, challenges, tough paid inherited deck favors independence until now, and we as people should be grateful to Tunku – Father of Independence.

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His leadership, sacrifice and service Tun Sir Henry HS Lee in achieving unity and independence the country is evident and needs to be remembered forever.

He played an important role in establishment of the MCA, the main establishment of the, the UMNO-MCA alliance, anti-communists in the Emergency and is the current national fighter demanding independence of Malaya. When Malaya received independence, he was appointed as finance minister between 1957 to 1959. Indeed, the contributions and sacrifices have be one of national pride.

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Tun V.T. Sambanthan is a fighter of Indians who were born on June 16, 1919 in rural areas of defense production, Perak.

His leadership was exemplified when appointed President of Congress India Malaya at the age of 36 years. Then Tun V.T. Sambanthan appointed to be a full minister in various ministries.

Throughout the period being cabinet ministers so many services that have been poured out by Tun V.T. Sambanthan particularly with respect to unity of all races and in terms of facilities to the people and the patriotism of the time.

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