Town beautification programme is important to create a beautiful and clean town. This programme includes a maintenance programme that will be preserved with care.
In the Bandar Penawar Landscape Plan, it has fixed a few landscape concepts :
1. Green Filter: focus on open field, road and along the river
2. Swamp Forest Ecology Park – all living organism in swamp planned to shape park character
3. Water Recreation Park – exploitation on water element (SPA building in planning at Tg Balau Tourism Center)
4. Herbal Park and Herbal Medicine Park- approach to natural succession of reforestation)
While the Bandar Tenggrara Landscape Plan focus on these concepts :
1. Green Belt-especially on main road, highway, housing estate, town center and industrial park
2. Taman Medan Tenggara –a resting park with recreational accommodation
3. Taman Wawasan Kejiranan (Theme Park)
There are other landscape projects especially in tourism area of Tanjung Balau especially Public Park, Statue Park in Bandar Penawar and upgrading the existing landscape.




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