Committee’s membership comprises of overall residents for cities of KEJORA and also its neighbouring areas within the KEJORA territory except for areas already established with its own committee, e.g; JKKR for the FELDA settlement, and JKK for villages.
4.1 Committee Member
i. Each member aged 25 years and above either a resident of KEJORA cities or employed in KEJORA cities can be appointed as Committee Member, provided he/she qualifies in aspects of mental and physical.
ii. The KEJORA management reserves the right to appoint a Committee Member as part of the committee. The management’s authority of appointing a committee member can be withdrawn if it is learnt that the committee is able to handle the appointment of committee on its own.
iii. The Vice Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Bureau Chairpersons, with the consensus of the KEJORA management reserve the right to discuss and decide or to dismiss the resident’s representative.
iv. The UMNO Branch Chief, Political Organisation Leaders is automatically assigned in the committee meeting. They shall not be appointed as the Vice Chairperson of the committee if they are currently known to serve the said political organization.
v. Officers of the Government, Statutory Bodies or the private sector who are also leaders of a particular agency such as the Police, Fire Department, Department of Wild Animals Preservation, SAJ, Telekom, TNB and as such shall be appointed as a Committee Member based on a condition whereby he/she is a member of the committee.
vi. A member who has already been appointed by the urban residents as Chairperson of a particular body or organisation for cities (Chairperson of Mosque Administrative Committee, Chairperson of TABIKA, and etc) shall be appointed as Committee Member by the KEJORA management. However, if they are not appointed as Committee Member, the respective bodies preceded by them will be assigned to the appropriate Bureau Chairpersons.
vii. Members who have already been appointed as a Chairperson of Bureau are required to form a Bureau Committee and submit the list of Bureau’s Committee to the Secretary no later than two (2) weeks after their appointment as Chairperson of Bureau.
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